Sunday, February 23, 2020

New Main closing Pantego Brewery

Image credit: New Main Brewing Co.

Citing failed negotiations with its landlord, New Main Brewing Co. has announced it will close.

Founded by husband and wife, David Clark and Amanda Daniels, New Main was the first brewery to exist in the City of Pantego. The business opened its doors in February 2018, functioning as a taproom initially as it awaited a federal brewing license. Once regulatory approval was acquired, the opening round of house beers was served the following July.

Regarding its concept, New Main's approach was built around the idea of encouraging consumers to "embrace curiosity" by branching out beyond their comfort zone. Classic recipes, dubbed "main" beers, were offered as a baseline, then infused with added flavors to create a taste of something new. And through these "new main" brews, the hope was beer drinkers would discover flavor combinations they liked as much or more than a familiar favorite.

As for how New Main will end its run in Pantego, a two-year anniversary party takes place on Saturday, February 29. After that, the brewery will serve patrons through the final day of operations on Sunday, March 15.

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