Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Deep Ellum adds DTX to year-round lineup

Image courtesy of Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company has announced the release of DTX Golden Ale, a new offering that will replace Deep Ellum Lager in the brewery's year-round lineup. Described as crisp, light and refreshing, DTX Golden Ale (4.8% ABV, 15 IBUs) is named in tribute to the company’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.

“DTX is a refreshing take on a golden ale,” says Deep Ellum’s Innovation Brewer, Brian Morris. “Simplicity, balance and approachability were driving factors for designing this beer. DTX hosts a beautiful interplay of pilsner malt and delicate hop character.”

According to a press release, DTX Golden Ale is seen as a foil to the to the brewery’s well-known Dallas Blonde, which pokes fun at the city’s stereotypes - a joke rooted in affinity for the place.

"Deep Ellum believes that there is nothing better than a hometown brew: it’s the happy hour go-to, the one that makes you proud of where you live, the one that you consider getting inked at least twice, it’s at every house party and all of your out-of-town friends crave it. Thus, DTX Golden Ale is a taste of Dallas - a celebration of the city’s arts scene, music, colors and flavors, because it’s a great place to visit and an even better place to be from."

Look for DTX Golden Ale to appear on tap at select locations, with six-packs of 12-ounce cans coming soon. Consumers can also find DTX Golden Ale at the original Deep Ellum Dallas Taproom or the Funkytown Fermatorium in Fort Worth.

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