Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Maple Branch cultivating new craft brewery in Fort Worth

Maple Branch co-founder Stuart Maples was named 2018 Master Brewer of the Year
by Fort Worth's Cap and Hare Homebrew Club (Maple Branch Craft Brewery).

Up until now, areas to the south and east have been the primary target for breweries planning to open in Fort Worth, but at least one new project is looking to change that by setting down roots near the confluence of the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity River.

Stuart and Allyssa Maples are the founders of Maple Branch Craft Brewery, the husband-and-wife team also being fellow graduates of Texas Christian University (TCU). Together, they've secured a spot for their venture at 2628 Whitmore St. on the city's west side. There, Maple Branch will be located in The Foundry District, joining a developing collective of businesses focused on curating "an entrepreneurial spirit, with a distinctly Fort Worth vibe."

Renderings depict front elevation and aerial views of Maple Branch's location in
The Foundry District of Fort Worth (Maple Branch Craft Brewery/HCC Commercial Contracting). 

Regarding the brewery's space, construction is underway on an existing structure made up of 6,900 square feet. A taproom and small-batch production system will be contained inside, while an expansive beer garden (also 6,900 square feet) will comprise a public area outdoors. Overall, patrons should expect a scene inspired by nature, with greenery and dark wood decor setting the tone for warm, comfortable surroundings.

Once Maple Branch opens, the plan is to offer up a variety of beer styles, some of which will likely be drawn from a portfolio of recipes that have won more than 40 awards at homebrewing competitions across the country. As for when that will occur, the couple is aiming for a debut sometime in spring 2020.

For more on Maple Branch, follow the brewery on Facebook or visit the company's website at

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