Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Texas Ale Project wants to add your name to the next great craft beer

Image courtesy of Texas Ale Project (click to enlarge).

Looking to break new ground in the search for the next craft beer, Texas Ale Project of Dallas has announced a research and development project built on the idea that innovation can come from anywhere. The R&D Series, as it's being called, will be a rotating line of beers developed from ideas collected from both inside and outside the brewery.

“We’re encouraging our staff, our distributors, and customers alike to send in their creative ideas for future beers in this series,” says Kat Thompson, co-founder and CEO of Texas Ale Project.

The first R&D beer is Hawaiian Roadrunner (5.0% ABV, 28 IBU), a tropical blonde ale that draws inspiration from free-range chickens that roam the Hawaiian Islands. Brewed with guava, pineapple and Simcoe hops, the beer exudes a fresh tropical fruit aroma that "will sweep you away to the Hawaiian Islands for a virtual summer vacation."

Cans of Hawaiian Roadrunner will feature the signature of Texas Ale Project co-founder and brewer, Brent Thompson, but the name on the next can could be yours.

“The signature represents someone that made a major contribution to the creative development of an R&D Series beer," adds Kat. "We want this to be a fun, collaborative effort.”

Concepts for the series can be submitted via the contact page on the brewery's website. Ideas will be vetted for not just innovation, but also taste, appearance, aroma, and overall genuine quality. Selected beers will be representative of Texas Ale Project’s mission to provide high quality, great tasting craft beers that the brewery takes pride in.

As for when consumers can get their hands on Hawaiian Roadrunner, the beer will be available on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce cans beginning May 28. Launch events are also on the bill, with a Reveal Party set to occur Friday, June 1 from 4-9 p.m., at Texas Ale Project's facility in the Dallas Design District. Following that, the Official Release Party for Hawaiian Roadrunner will be held at Truck Yard Dallas on Friday, June 8 starting at 4 pm.

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