Thursday, May 17, 2018

JubJub taking roost at Rabbit Hole

Images courtesy of Rabbit Hole Brewing.

Soon, a couple of odd birds will take roost at Rabbit Hole, as the Justin-based brewery releases two new beers for summer.

The first of these is JubJub, a classic German hefeweizen that's said to shine as bright as its namesake. The namesake, in this case, being the Jubjub bird from the world of Lewis Carroll. Yet, while the Jubjub was a creature to be wary of in Carroll's work (appearing in Jabberwocky  and The Hunting of the Snark), a pre-release note promises the beer will be something to savor.

"There is little reason to fear this JubJub, as it is the perfect summer quaff.  Cloudy by design, the soft malted wheat flavor is perfectly complimented by a bold finish of banana and clove derived from the beer's signature yeast still in suspension."

Also in the works is a variation of JubJub infused with a touch of tangerine.

"By adding a dash of whimsy and a hint of folly to JubJub, the complex aroma and flavor of JubJub Tangerine was created.  The strong, sweet citrus note of tangerine expands the already bold clove and banana flavors of the classic hefeweizen to a realm that is all its own."

So, when can consumers expect to have these birds in the hand?

Look for JubJub to be available on draft beginning May 22, with a taproom debut set to occur during Rabbit Hole's annual Summer in Wonderland celebration on Saturday, May 26 (click here to purchase tickets for the event).

As for JubJub Tangerine, look for that bird to land in early June.

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