Monday, October 2, 2023

Three Empires plants its flag in Frisco

All photos © Brian Brown/Beer in Big D.

A brewery has finally come to fruition in Frisco, as Three Empires Brewing Co. is now pouring its brand of beer in the city’s downtown district at 6990 Main St.

Residents of Frisco have long been thirsting for a brewery, and while a handful of projects have targeted the city over the past ten years, not a single one evolved past the planning stage. The drought is now over, though, thanks to the efforts of husband and wife, David and Mandalyn Wible.

So, what was the response like on their debut weekend? Let's just say locals are welcoming Three Empires with open arms. Standing room only crowds filled the brewery on opening day, which led yours truly to postpone a visit until Sunday. Even then, early arrivals were assembled outside before the doors even opened. This, a prelude to another packed house.

Once inside, five beers were on the menu. According to the Wibles, Frisco Blonde and Betty White Ale (witbier) were the most popular among patrons, but my favorite was probably one based on the first recipe the couple ever brewed, a bready amber ale called Amber's First Time.

It's all about the beer at Three Empires Brewing Co. in Frisco, with Spike Brewing
equipment lining one wall and hop-themed light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

Overall, counting two others on my flight board, Steps Day (American pale ale) and Dirty South Stout, I'd describe the offerings at Three Empires as every day kind of beers. Each was easy-drinking and enjoyable with good balance, relatively low strength, and just the right of complexity to keep things interesting.

At the same time, for those looking to stir things up a bit, syrup infusions are available allowing customers to add raspberry to Betty White to create "Blanche," strawberry lemonade to Frisco Blonde to make her "Blush," or toasted marshmallow to Dirty South Stout to say "Gimme Gimme S'more."

As for what lies ahead at Three Empires, a mango margarita seltzer and two IPAs are currently in the works (Tangerine Speedo American IPA and Juicy Booty NEIPA). Other styles, including lagers, are likely to rotate in later, but for now the aforementioned eight brews will fill out the starting lineup.

Also, once production completes on the IPAs, an official grand opening will be planned, and opening times may expand to include evening hours on Thursday and Friday. Keep an eye on the brewery's social media channels for details on those items to be shared in the coming weeks.

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