Thursday, May 18, 2023

Railport taps community input for new TxIPA

Image credit: Railport Brewing Co.

Railport Brewing Co. of Waxahachie recently took a crowdsourcing approach in creating a new house beer especially for Union 28, a bar & grill/live music venue in Midlothian.

For this project, Railport held a series of tasting events at Union 28. Patrons were asked to try a number of different beers, picking their favorites from among the sample groups. This helped the brewery zero in the general preferences of Union 28 customers, according to Railport's head brewer, Jacoby Womack.

"It was about establishing a consistency as far as what the patrons are drinking [at Union 28]," says Womack, " which is a drinkable light beer with flavor, but also with a mouthfeel similar to what they drink regularly."

The problem with most light beers, of course, is how the bland and generic nature leaves you wanting more. So, with that in mind, Railport worked to develop a craft ale that drinks like a macro light lager.

Introduced as the brewery's TxIPA, the beer features a mix of Citra and Galena hops. Think session IPA, but even lighter, with a hop-forward presentation and less malt character than an American-style pale ale. 

"It's light, it's clear, and it has the perfect amount of bitterness for people to drink it and say it has flavor, but drinks like a Miller Lite or Bud Light!" says Womack.

And, as the graphic says, you're invited to "Come and Drink It!", whether that be at Union 28 or the Railport taproom, where TxIPA is on tap and available now.

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