Thursday, May 19, 2022

Texas Ale Project expanding partnership with Pantera

Image courtesy of Texas Ale Project.

It's been just over a year since Texas Ale Project debuted its first pairing with the metal band, Pantera, but now the Dallas-based brewery is looking to build on that relationship with expanded distribution and the first of a new limited-edition series of Pantera-branded beers.

Thanks to a recent partnership with Dynamo Specialty Distributing, fans of the band and brewery can now find six-packs of the original release, Pantera Golden Ale, in the San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Houston, and Dallas/Ft Worth areas at locations of HEB, Total Wine, Spec’s and other local retailers.

“Pantera Golden Ale has been a huge success, and we’re excited to continue this partnership with Pantera to expand the distribution across Texas and launch new limited edition Pantera beers," says Kat Thompson, co-founder of Texas Ale Project. "Thank you to all the Pantera fans out there. Keep rockin’ and keep enjoying our beers!”

As for what's to come, the new limited-edition series of Pantera beers will kick-off with Becoming Bock, an easy-drinking amber lager for summer and fall. Availability will be limited to Total Wine, independent beer stores, and other select spots - and the beer is expected to sell out quickly.

Then later this year, the Pantera line will continue with Electric Blonde Ale, a beer brewed with a punch of habanero peppers.

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