Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Oak & Eden Whiskey taps Rahr & Sons for small-batch spirits collaboration

Image credit: Oak & Eden Whiskey.

Dallas-based spirits maker Oak & Eden Whiskey has announced the pending release of a new small-batch series of whiskies crafted in collaboration with Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. of Fort Worth.

The Ale Series will comprise spirits made using Oak & Eden's unique process of finishing its fully-aged whiskey on a patented five-inch-long spiral cut of wood (or "spire") in the bottle.

Rahr Soaked Malted Oak takes Oak & Eden's bourbon whiskey and infuses it with a heavily-toasted American Oak spire soaked in Rahr & Sons Iron Thistle Scottish Ale, while Rahr Soaked Hopped Oak consists of the company's rye whiskey infused with a lightly-toasted American Oak spire soaked in Rahr & Sons Dadgum IPA.

“This has been a collaboration like no other,” says Joe Gillidenzopf, CEO of Oak & Eden. “Most people wouldn’t think beer and whiskey would go hand-in-hand, but the unique combination of sweet, oaky notes coming from our whiskey, mixed with the depth and character of Rahr & Sons' beers produces a rich sensation of whiskey on the palate with beer on the finish.”

Look for The Ale Series to debut in June, with bottles expected to be on shelves in Texas and Oklahoma by early July.

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