Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tupps bringing back For Ella, releasing re-formulated Full Grown Man

Image courtesy of Tupps Brewery.

Two familiar names to fans of Tupps Brewery are returning to the McKinney brewery's lineup, with the pending release of its double IPA, For Ella, and imperial stout, Full Grown Man.

For Ella (8.9% ABV, 85 IBU) first appeared on the scene this past spring, quickly becoming the fastest-selling beer Tupps has produced to date. Consistent access to hops kept For Ella on the sidelines for a while, but with a new hop contract in the works, the brewery hopes to keep the beer in the mix more regularly.

"Our double IPA is one of those special beers that we are really proud of," says Chase Lewis, director of sales at Tupps. "We found a hop profile we all loved and ran with it. So much so, we questioned whether we had dry-hopped the beer too much. There is so much juicy stone fruit flavor and aroma in For Ella, but it drinks remarkably smooth considering how big it is."

As for Full Grown Man (11.2% ABV), an edition appearing over the summer was brewed with molasses and English ale yeast prior to being aged on cocoa nibs. The focus at the time was to create a medium-bodied brew featuring an array of fruity esters and a dry, chocolate finish. According to head brewer Chris Lewis, though, the new version is an attempt to mix things up and go bigger, with the result promising to be ever darker and more complex than the original.

Naturally, Full Grown Man is also the antithesis of Ella, as Chase points out when comparing the two beers.

"Ella is all about the hops and Full Grown Man is all about the grain," he says. "Full Grown Man is a beefy, full-flavored stout that will really excite those big stout drinkers. It throws off notes of dark cherry, rich caramel and hints of toasted bread. It's also a beer that will age well, as the dark roasted malt flavors will really develop over time."

Both beers will debut at the brewery's taproom on December 9 (click here for details). After that, look for them to be available on tap at select locations around Dallas-Fort Worth beginning the week of December 12. Further out, cans of Full Grown Man will begin arriving at retail the week of December 19, with plans for a packaged version of For Ella to follow later in 2017.

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