Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Evil Twin and Stillwater Artisanal headed to Texas

Image credits: Evil Twin Brewing, Stillwater Artisanal.

After entering into an agreement with 12 Percent Imports, Favorite Brands has revealed that they are in the process of bringing the products of Evil Twin Brewing and Stillwater Artisanal to Texas.

Evil Twin and Stillwater make for a rather unique pair, in that each company's founder is a gypsy brewer. Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø founded Evil Twin in 2010 and since then he's released over 100 beers commercially. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, he's conjured up recipes that have been brewed both in the United States and abroad. Texans have been privy to some of his work in the form of Bible Belt, a collaborative brew created with Prairie Artisan Ales, yet another brewery in the Favorite Brands portfolio.

As for Stillwater, Brian Strumke is the mastermind behind the Baltimore, Maryland-based outfit that began operations in 2009. He too has traveled the world seeking inspiration in order to craft beverages that meet the brewery's goal of representing "living art." Together the two breweries should add a new level of depth to the roster of craft beers available to local consumers.

According to John Maestas, who oversees National Chain Accounts for Favorite Brands, the firm's parent company L&F Distributors will handle deliveries to the Rio Grande Valley, while Favorite Brands will supply other areas throughout Texas. There's no word yet on what might be included in initial shipments, as the ink is just now dry on the contracts and both brewery's are still awaiting TABC label approvals.

For more on Evil Twin Brewing, visit eviltwin.dk, and for Stillwater Artisanal, visit www.stillwater-artisanal.com.

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