Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Andrews to deliver Small Town root beer beginning July 6

Images the property of Small Town Brewery.

Continuing to add to its ever-growing portfolio of craft brewers, Andrews Distributing has announced a partnership with Small Town Brewery of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Founder Tim Kovac began mapping out his plan to start Small Town Brewery, which began operations in 2011, prior to learning his family had a history in the business. As legend has it, the family's brewing heritage got started after a long-ago grandfather of Kovac won a brewery during a high-stakes card game. Today, the brewery "operates with the goal to honor [the] family's beer making tradition by creating brews with unique and flavorful ingredients." Small Town's logo would seem to honor this tradition as well, seeing as how this particular ancestor was also a ship's captain in England during the 1600s.

Look for six-packs of Not Your Father's Root Beer at
retail locations beginning July 6.
According to a press release, Andrews will launch Small Town's Not Your Father's Root Beer in North Texas and Corpus Christi on July 6. The beer, which is brewed with a variety of spices and has an ABV of 5.9%, will be made available in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles.

Mike Machul, Andrews brand manager for Small Town Brewery, said the Andrews team looks forward to sharing a beverage that is so reminiscent of a drink many grew up loving. “Root beer is a great nostalgic beverage, and Not Your Father’s Root Beer brings back memories of the beloved drink,” Machul said. “We look forward to sharing it with both beer lovers and those who are still searching for a unique craft beverage to enjoy.”

For more information on Small Town Brewery, visit the company's website at www.smalltownbrewery.com.

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