Thursday, April 30, 2015

Martin House now selling Cellarman's IPA and Gateway Blonde in cans

Image credit: Martin House Brewing Company

Rolling out to retail this week, two Martin House favorites are now available in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans.

The first of these, Gateway Blonde, is the brewery's "go-to session ale" named after Fort Worth's Gateway Park Trail and is brewed with corn (ergo the cornhole recommended activity) and acidulated malt. The latter, while sounding somewhat technical, is a type of malted barley that contains a small amount of lactic acid. Its use can result in a sour-like character in the finish of a beer and is why the brewery says Gateway has a "unique but subtle kick on the finish."

As for the second of the two releases, Cellarman's Reserve IPA is the brewery's single-hop IPA brewed with a basic malt bill in order to put the emphasis on the hop addition. Of course, fans of Martin House know that the hops rotate in this beer, and the brewery says the exact variety for any given release will denoted by a sticker placed on the six-pack carrier. According to co-founder David Wedemeier, initial shipments were brewed with Cascade hops, and he expects the variety to change on monthly or bi-monthly basis going forward.


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