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Frisco City Grainworks coming soon to North Texas

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After entering into an agreement to be a part of a development north of Toyota Stadium, Frisco City Grainworks (FCG) has declared its intent to open a production brewery in the community that inspired its name.

Construction is set to begin this summer on what would be the first brewing operation of any kind in Frisco. The brewery is expected to occupy a 10-15000 square foot space near the corner of Frisco Street and Research Road, with a target move-in date of December. Allowing time for licensing, as well as equipment delivery and installation, FCG hopes to open by the end of the first quarter next year.

Founder David Clark, who's lived and worked in and around Frisco for over 15 years, says the choice of that particular North Texas community was based on his belief that it represents a "new center for economic growth along the Dallas North Tollway." The city has been excited about the project from day one, and Clark hopes that by producing a quality product FCG will attract a groundswell of local support making Frisco a "sustainable home for a long time to come."

Joining him in the venture is Jonny Daylett, who will take on the role of head brewer. Daylett completed the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Program offered by the American Brewers Guild in early 2013, which included an apprenticeship at Four Corners with long-time brewer John Sims. He's also worked to gain experience by interning at the Lakewood Brewing Company and points to invaluable lessons he learned while volunteering with Michael Peticolas at the Peticolas Brewing Company in Dallas.

The two met at an Open the Taps event in 2012 during a time when Clark and his wife Anna were working to develop a brewery under a different name. After exchanging ideas and finding common ground, they began brewing together in the spring of 2013. In an interesting bit of history, you could have gotten your first taste of one of the beers they're working on in November 2012. It was during the inaugural Dallas Beer Week, no less, and it happened as part of a special tour at FireWheel in association with that event. At the time the beer was called The Pear Necessities (a prickly pear wheat), and it was one of a number of guest brews on tap that evening produced by Jonny and wife Amorae.

That beer, along with offerings like their Texas-style lager, Chiltepin Porter and Double Black Wheat will be representative of a brewing philosophy Clark says is centered on feeding the "inner homebrewer spirit while staying true to those aspects that made us passionate about craft beer in the first place. For us those aspects include creative experimentation, collaboration and meticulous attention to quality." They intend to explore both new and classic styles, with some of their more forward-thinking ideas to be released in the form of a limited edition bomber series called BrewLab™.

On that note, plans call for FCG beers to be produced in kegs at first, with four-packs, six-packs and bombers to follow within the first few months of operation. The primary market for their brews will be Frisco and the immediately surrounding area, with accounts at craft beer-focused bars and restaurants around the Metroplex being a priority as well.

"Handcrafted, Passion Driven, Texas Brewed." Those are the kind of beers Clark and Daylett hope to deliver to North Texans in the near future, with a further goal of showing others "that Texas has a lot to offer in the world of craft beer."

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*UPDATE: As of October 2014, Frisco City Grainworks has ceased development.*

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