Friday, May 10, 2013

Grapevine Craft Brewery launches Fundable campaign

Image credit:  Grapevine Craft Brewery

Fresh off their recent groundbreaking ceremony, Grapevine Craft Brewery today announced a new Fundable campaign, with the goal of raising the "final" $50,000 needed to get their brewing venture up and running. Visitors to will notice that it looks very much like a competing site, with varying support levels and associated rewards based on how much you're willing to give. It may not be Kickstarter, but it does come with a bit of a kicker.

From the press release:

"To raise our final $50,000 of startup cash, we are asking the community to fund our business for rewards and to secure 5% of all future profits for the community. What that means is that in exchange for the community's support of our business, we are going to give back 5% of our profits every quarter in perpetuity to local community organizations that are making a difference and engaging in activities that make our community better. To show our commitment, we are starting out right away by giving 5% of this campaign's proceeds directly to GRACE in Grapevine, a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, medical services and transitional housing to those in need in our surrounding community."

Potential benefactors can be among the first to publicly sample their beers next Saturday, May 18th, in the Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau building as part of that city's 29th Annual Main Street Days celebration.

Update:  Grapevine's Fundable campaign was a success as they pulled in over $60,000, fully $10,000 above their original goal.  They are currently planning an October launch.

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