Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Shannon Brewing Co. closes in Keller

Photo © Brian Brown/Beer in Big D.

Shannon Brewing Co. of Keller is now closed.

Founded by Shannon Carter, the self-named business debuted in September 2014. The brewery was unique in using a fire-brewing process to produce its beers, which were made with pure Texas spring water from a neighboring bottler.

In terms of marketing, Carter's own personal heritage influenced the firm's slogan, "Texas Brewed with Irish Roots," as well as the choice of its flagship offering, Shannon Irish Red. Other popular beers in Shannon's portfolio included the company's Chocolate Stout and Irish Coffee Cream Ale.

A private equity group, NTX Cask Mates, acquired Shannon Brewing Co. in early 2023. Carter remained active in day-to-day activities until July, at which point he moved on to pursue other endeavors. Operations continued on until just recently, but ultimately the decision was made to discontinue the brand.

Despite the news, Shannon Brewing Co. enjoyed a longer run than most in the North Texas market, its closure coming after a full nine years in business.

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