Saturday, August 12, 2023

Anvil Brewing is forging new relationships in Royse City

Photo © Brian Brown/Beer in Big D.

In May, Anvil Brewing of Pittsburg expanded beyond its original East Texas home with the soft debut of new location in Royse City. A grand opening followed on July 4th, the celebration officially establishing the business as a new resident of the North Texas beer scene.

Owned by Byron and Kristin Aldredge, Anvil Brewing began operations in Pittsburg during the fall of 2017. They contacted Royse City to express interest in starting a project after another brewing company decided not to move forward with plans for a space at 232 E. Main St. in the city's downtown district.

The building in question formerly housed the Royse City Fire Department. Built in 1982, the structure contains roughly 4500 square feet. Naturally, given the history, it's fitted with a set of three roll-top garage doors, which presumably can be raised to let a little bit of the outside in. Though, when it's not a hundred and infinity degrees out, patrons may also wish to take advantage of patio space created along the front elevation.

As for what to expect at Anvil Brewing "No. 2" (as it's billed on social media), the place is the epitome of a local bar and grill. The primary public area upfront contains ample seating for dining customers, while a separate spot in the back takes the form of a neighborhood pub, this complete with dark wood furnishings (featuring a penny-topped bar), high-top tables, billiard games and a wide-screen television.

Offerings-wise, Anvil's food menu is rather expansive, with appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and fry baskets served throughout the day, and steak and salmon "Dinner Selections" available after 5 p.m.

For beverages, there's beer, wine, a full bar and a variety of non-alcoholic options. House beers, of course, are the headliner, sharing space with guest drafts on a 20-handle tapwall. Anvil recipes pouring on a recent visit included a chocolate stout, a German brown ale, a traditional (non-hazy) IPA and a Japanese rice lager. Another, a Mexican pale lager, had just kicked according to the beertender.

On that note, a small pilot system is visible on-site, but Anvil's production batches are brewed in Pittsburg and trucked into Royse City. Any local brewing is limited to test runs or small volumes needed to create condiments like Anvil's beer cheese and beer mustard.

In that sense, Anvil Brewing No. 2 is essentially a satellite taproom helping the company extend its reach to new customers. The restaurant side of things is more or less a must-have in the current market environment, but all the better in order to create an entertainment destination for craft beer fans in Royse City and beyond.

Anvil Brewing No. 2 is open five days a week, with operating hours from Wednesday thru Sunday.

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