Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Revolver adds new Blood to year-round lineup

Blood brothers in beer: Blood & Honey and Blood & Honey Light from Revolver (Photo © Brian Brown/Beer in Big D).

Counted among the many North Texas breweries celebrating 10-year anniversaries of late is Revolver Brewing of Granbury. Debuting in October 2012, the company has gone on to become one the area's largest production operations, rolling out in the neighborhood of 30,000 barrels of beer 2022 (combined numbers, according to the Brewers Association, including the Revolver Brewhouse satellite in Arlington).

And yes, the brewery was acquired by MillerCoors in 2016. Despite what some may think of that, Revolver can also boast to having the top-selling locally-made craft beer in its portfolio. The company's flagship, Blood & Honey, has been a staple of Revolver's lineup since day one, making it one of the few North Texas beers to remain in continuous production for the last decade.

Now, popularity aside, where and when to drink Blood & Honey is a pertinent question. The beer's 7.0% ABV might be a bit much for lakeside loungers basking in the heat of a typical Texas summer day. Recognizing this, Revolver recently launched Blood & Honey Light, a year-round beer made with the same ingredients (blood orange peel, local honey and spices), but with a lower ABV of only 4.5%.

So, how does Blood & Honey compare with its slimmed-down sibling?

Sipping the two beers side-by-side, Blood & Honey Light is breadier, while the original is, well...bloodier. The honey and spice character is less upfront in the Light version, allowing the beer's bready base (malted two-row barley and wheat) to show a bit more. Conversely, Blood & Honey presents with fuller flavors, as it highlights the interplay of sweet honey notes offset by a more noticeable bitter orange peel element.

Blood & Honey is also heavier on the palate, though that and the above comparison just shines a spotlight on Blood & Honey Light's reason to be in the first place. The new beer offers an easier-drinking alternative with enhanced refreshment, all the while not sacrificing the flavors that built the Blood & Honey fanbase.

Look for Blood & Honey in six-packs of 12-ounce cans and bottles wherever Revolver beers are sold. Consumers can also pick up a Blood & Honey 50/50 mix-pack, featuring six cans each of Blood & Honey and Blood & Honey Light.

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