Thursday, March 2, 2023

Eight years in, On Rotation still turning out new taste temptations

Image courtesy of On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen.

Prolific production has been a defining element at On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen of Dallas since the company opened in 2015. Now approaching its eighth birthday, On Rotation has brewed and released 371 unique recipes over the course of its existence - 31 of which hit the tap wall in 2022.

Among new formulations debuting during 2022, On Rotation brewed a brown ale, a kölsch and a bière de garde for the first time in its official history. And, while IPA and pale ale styles were the predominant new offering, the brewpub kept things interesting by staying true to its "craft beer laboratory" label and exploring new yeast strains, including thiolized-variants, in some of the IPAs.

These exploits, of course, occur on top of work put in to brew house standards that have been around since beginning like Jalapeño Saison and Café Au Lait. Plus, there's a balance that has to take place when trying to squeeze in new beers while also keeping those recurring recipes in the rotation. On that note, On Rotation will be looking to increase its capacity in 2023 in order to brew more beers across the board.

As for what this is all leading into, the purpose is to promote the brewpub's aforementioned eighth anniversary. A party is set for this Saturday, March 4, with the festivities to feature a theme built around a popular aviation-based action thriller.

"We're doing it TOP GUN style, and it should be a fun party," says Jacob Sloan, co-founder of On Rotation. "We'll have new beer releases, some special anniversary shirts (and aviator sunglasses, of course), and live music throughout the day."

Click here for all the celebratory details, and be sure to check out On Rotation's "2022 in Review" post for a deeper dive into what all went down at the Dallas brewpub this past year.

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