Sunday, October 23, 2022

Say When Brewing swings open doors to new taproom in Denison

Image/Logo: © Brian Brown/Beer in Big D, Say When Brewing.

Since its market debut in January 2021, Say When Brewing Co. of Denison has operated as a production-only entity. A new taproom addition, however, means patrons are now able to visit the brewery's location, which sits just steps away from the city's downtown district at 111. S. Fannin Ave.

When owner Jason Fulenchek introduced the Say When brand last year, he did so with a portfolio of stylistic offerings: Local Motive IPA, Oatmeal Blonde and Texas Penny Copper Ale. The trio was first tapped at Green Growler, a nearby beer and wine bar in Denison (currently relocating), and from there the Say When name has turned up on tapwall menus at dozens of draft accounts across the northeastern part of the Metroplex.

Now, of course, Say When has a tapwall of its own. Housing more than 25 taps, three of these are currently occupied by the aforementioned beers, along with two further options - Dawn of Eternal Peace (a toasty and tasty German-style märzen), and Say When Stout (a Russian imperial stout described as "velvet pajamas in a glass").

As for the rest of taproom and its surroundings, the public and production areas at Say When exist in a unified space filling roughly 4500 square feet. And it's a comfortable and characterful setting to say the least, with dark wood furnishings and old-world accents adding to the feel of a structure built in the 1920s. Plus, the eye appeal is further enhanced by stained glass windows calling attention to the city's past as an early connection on the Katy Railroad (a.k.a. the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, or the MKT).

Something else notable about Say When is how it seems to play the part of a hometown, neighborhood pub perfectly. One reason was a gathering of Denison locals, whose ranks remained steady as residents shuttled in and out during a pleasant Saturday afternoon. Some stopped for a quick beer, while others pulled up a chair to join in on a bit of casual conversation.

What sealed it, though, was when one of the owners of Green Growler was met with a collective chorus of "Norm!" upon entry, apparently having already established himself as the modern-day version of the ever-present barfly character from the long-running television series, Cheers. This scene giving the impression that the people of Denison have a place to go where everybody knows their name.

Should you wish to down a pint with the denizens of Denison yourself, Say When is currently operating its taproom on a soft basis, with hours Friday and Saturday. An official Opening Weekend celebration is set for early next month, with festivities beginning on Friday, November 4.

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