Friday, September 9, 2022

Rickhouse is first brewery to make beer in Mineral Wells

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You could say things are a little "Crazy" in the City of Mineral Wells. It's the home of Crazy Water, after all, a mineral water company that's been hydrating Texans since 1881. Driving through town, signs and "Crazy" business names call attention to this fact, as does the presence of the Crazy Water Hotel.

It's in the aforementioned hotel that Rickhouse Brewing has set up shop in a prime corner spot on the ground floor. Open since April, Rickhouse is the work of Brian Miller and Alan Clarke. It's the first known brewery to exist in Mineral Wells, a place where the primary attractions - at least according to one local - are eating, drinking and shopping.

If that's indeed the case, then Rickhouse should make for a good fit, considering it identifies as a drinking destination. It may be a brewery first and foremost (with production equipment in full view), but Rickhouse also offers other beverages, including a selection of wines and non-alcoholic sodas for those seeking to sip on something other than beer.

As for the main draw, if you will, Rickhouse beers pour from upwards of 20 taps installed behind the bar. During my visit, eight standards and two rotators were available, with everyday options consisting of a lager, blonde ale, kölsch, two IPAs, an Irish red, a German hefeweizen and an oatmeal stout. A seasonal märzen was among the rotators, as was my favorite beer on the board, a Cascadian dark called Ghost Riders Black IPA.

Rickhouse Brewing is located at 401 N. Oak Ave. in Mineral Wells, occupying a corner spot on the ground floor of the Crazy Water Hotel.

Visitors to Rickhouse should also know beer and other consumables (snack offerings, beverages, etc.) may be enjoyed in the taproom, or alternatively in an adjacent public area which connects to other boutiques and small businesses making up the "Shops at the Crazy" section of the hotel. Either way, the digs are well-polished, casual and comfortable no matter where you decide to stop and sit a spell.

And, if you're wondering about the Rickhouse name, it actually references the distilling industry and the warehouses used to store and age whiskey. Given that, one would assume a barrel-aged beer or two might make an appearance at some point. As it stands now, though, the portfolio presents as a stylistic slate...which is to say there's nothing too crazy going on in terms of the recipes at Rickhouse just yet. 

Well, besides maybe using Crazy Water as an ingredient.

Rickhouse Brewing has operating hours seven days a week. Check it out if you find yourself in Mineral Wells and looking to partake the imbibing aspect of the city's favored pastimes.

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