Monday, July 11, 2022

North Texas hauls in 19 medals at 2022 U.S. Open Beer Championship

Image credit: U.S. Open Beer Championship.

Medals, medals and more medals for North Texas - that seems to be the theme when winners are announced at the annual U.S. Open Beer Championship. And, this year is no different.

As for a few details, the 2022 edition of the event drew more than 9000 entries from breweries around the world, with those broken down into 150 different categories for evaluation. Reviewing the list of winners, eleven breweries from North Texas were awarded 19 medals combined (6 gold, 5 silver, 8 bronze). From that group, False Idol Brewing of North Richland Hills represents the area's lone first-time honoree, while Deep Ellum Brewing Co. of Dallas appears for the first time since 2016.

Winning beers from North Texas are summarized below. You can also click here for a complete competition summary.

903 Brewers, Sherman
  • Silver for Fragile Like a Bomb in the Aged Beer category.
  • Gold for Low Beams in the American/German Light category.
  • Silver for Cold Fort Worth Beer in the American Premium Lager category.
  • Silver for Dallas Blonde in the Golden or Blonde Ale category.
False Idol Brewing, North Richland Hills
  • Gold for Banquet Boy in the American Lager/Pilsner category.
  • Gold for Feisty Blonde in the Honey Beer category.
  • Silver for Mi Familia in the American-Style Fruit Beer category.
  • Bronze for The Hop Root Beer in the Root Beer - Kids category.
  • Gold for Muy Importante in the American-Style Fruit Beer - Lime category.
  • Gold for Bavarian Classic in the Munchner Helles category.
  • Bronze for Red Wine Freaky Deaky in the Wine Barrel-Aged Beer category.
  • Bronze for Freaky Deaky in the Aged Beer category.
  • Bronze for Great Scot! in the Scottish Ale category.
  • Bronze for Velvet Hammer in the Imperial Red Ale category.
  • Bronze for Top Shelf in the Experimental Beer category.
  • Bronze for Golden Opportunity in the Ukrainian Golden Ale category.
  • Gold for Midnight Delight in the Imperial Porter category.
  • Silver for Chocolate Reign in the Imperial Stout Specialty category.
  • Bronze for Dreamsicle Kayak in the Specialty/Anything Goes category.

Cheers and congratulations to all!

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