Sunday, January 16, 2022

Tulsa's NEFF Brewing now shipping five gluten-free beers to Texas

Image credit: Tori Graham & Ryan Graham - @beercatbrett.

NEFF Brewing, a dedicated gluten-free craft brewery based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is looking to call attention to its lineup of gluten-free beers now available across Texas. Gluten-free recipes from Neff Brewing first began appearing on North Texas shelves in July, with additional beers arriving this past fall.

According to a press release, NEFF Brewing's beers differ from other craft beers because they are brewed with a variety of grains and artisanal malts that are naturally gluten free. The company uses ancient grains of millet, buckwheat, rice, and quinoa to create beers that are allergen free, yet still crafted for full flavor to compete well with "regular" craft beers in the market.

Beers available locally include

  • Apollo Blonde - a crisp, easy-drinking American blonde ale.
  • Astronaut Cookies - an oatmeal stout with roasted coffee flavors, as well as mild chocolate and nutty notes.
  • Ignition Switch - a flavorful Belgian-style pale ale.
  • No Barriers IPA - a classic IPA with piney, dank and citrus-like aromas and flavors.
  • Raspberry Pride - a fruited kettle sour with a clean, refreshing raspberry flavor.

It's worth noting how a number of these beers have fared well in recent competitions, winning awards in non-gluten-free categories at both state and international beer competitions. Apollo Blonde (bronze), Ignition Switch (bronze) and Raspberry Pride (gold) were recognized at the 2020 Oklahoma Craft Beer Awards, while Ignition Switch (bronze) was also honored at the 2020 U.S. Open Craft Beer Championship.

Look for products from NEFF Brewing at craft beer-friendly retailers like Beer Geeks (Rockwall), Brü City (Euless), Bubble & Squeak Craft Beer & Wine (Forney), Craft Beer Cellar - Dallas, Southside Cellar (Fort Worth), The Bearded Monk (Denton) and more.

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