Monday, January 21, 2019

Lakewood helping to raise funds for startup Vector Brewing

Images courtesy of Lakewood Brewing Co.

Last week, the Dallas Observer  reported on the plight of Vector Brewing, a local brewery in development fighting to keep its dream alive in the face of the government shutdown. In response to the company's struggles, Lakewood Brewing Co. (LBC) is "doing what the beer industry does best and is helping out a brewer in need."

“Community spirit is one of our core values and it guides us to help out our fellow brewers whenever we can," says Wim Bens, founder and president of LBC. "Starting a family business is difficult enough without the headache of the government shutdown. Even if it’s resolved today, the backlog will keep them without their funding for a while.”

Bradley and Bens at LBC.
Vector Brewing, started by Lakewood's former creative director Craig Bradley and his wife Veronica, is doing its best to navigate through the government shutdown. Their Small Business Administration (SBA) loan has been held in limbo while the cost of construction has been ongoing.

“The past few weeks have been tough, as the shutdown has effectively stalled us at the moment we were expecting to get started,” says Bradley. “The amount of support from our community and fellow breweries has been amazing to see and we can’t thank our LBC family enough for helping us out while we get through this, and believe me, we will get through this.”

Lakewood will be holding a “Brewing Good Sunday” fundraiser on Sunday, January 27th, at the brewery's taproom in Garland. A dollar from each pint served on Sunday will go directly to Vector Brewing, and representatives of the company will also be on site to sell shirts and talk about the business.

Click here to learn more about Vector Brewing and to donate directly to the cause.

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