Friday, February 2, 2018

Lakewood seals Three Fates with Grim Shearer

Image courtesy of Lakewood Brewing Co.

Lakewood Brewing Co. of Garland has released Grim Shearer, the tenth individual release in the brewery's Legendary Series, and the third and final installment of its Three Fates miniseries.

Stylistically described as a rye wine, Grim Shearer (11.4% ABV) was aged over eight months in rye whiskey barrels. What's emerged from that time away is a beer featuring flavors of maple, toffee, sun-dried cherries and subtle rye spice.

“We’re excited to complete this story and series of beers, showcasing the amazing qualities that come with varying malt bills to complement different [types of] barrels," says Wim Bens, founder & president of Lakewood.

Grim Shearer follows previous entries in the Three Fates miniseries, Thread Spinner (a bourbon barrel-aged barleywine, released fall 2016) and Grand Allowance (a chardonnay barrel-aged wheat wine, released spring 2017). Originally slated to appear six months apart, the culmination of the trilogy comes 16 months after Thread Spinner was first placed on the market.

“We love seeing how the personality of each beer comes through, how the difference in age and cellar time influences each beer, and how they relate to each other when tried side-by-side,” added Bens. “It’s been a long project, but one we’ve really enjoyed.”

Look for Grim Shearer on tap and in 22-ounce bottles across North Texas.

Label designs for the Three Fates series were created by Nathan Walker. See more of his work at All the Pretty Colors.

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