Monday, July 24, 2017

Rabbit Hole ready to release "The Rabbit"

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Rabbit Hole Brewing
This week, fans of Rabbit Hole Brewing will begin a quest to "snare the hare," as the Justin-based brewery releases it's newest creation, El Conejo (4.6% ABC, 25 IBU).

Translating from Spanish to English as "The Rabbit," El Conejo is a pale Mexican-style lager that derives most of its flavor from a recipe designed with a mix of German ingredients. And, while some may wonder about how a taste of Germany makes its way into a Mexican beer, it should be noted the development of Mexico's brewing industry can be tied to an influx of German settlers that arrived in the country during the late 19th century. In other words, many of today's Mexican lagers are borne of either German or Bohemian influence.

As for El Conejo, the beer is fermented for an extended time with a traditional lager yeast. According to a pre-release notice from the brewery, this is said to give the beer a crisp, dry finish, which coupled with the beer's clean flavor profile, makes El Conejo perfect for drinking during hot summer days and nights in Texas.

Look for El Conejo to be available on tap beginning Wednesday, July 26. A release party for the beer has been scheduled as well, with that occurring on Thursday, July 27, at Dallas Craft Co. in Keller.

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