Monday, January 4, 2016

Firestone Walker bringing 805 beer to Texas

Image credit: Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Breaking the product out of its home state, Firestone Walker announced today that the brewery will begin shipping 805 beer to Texas.

Debuting in 2012, the beer billed as a "light, refreshing blonde ale crafted for the California lifestyle," was originally brewed to serve the tri-county area of California's Central Coast. Since then, 805's footprint has expanded somewhat, though prior to today the beer has remained a California exclusive. Now, for the first time in its history, 805 will be sold outside of the state.

"When 805 was available only on the Central Coast, people bootlegged it down to Los Angeles," says brewery co-founder David Walker. "Now that we're in Los Angeles, people are bootlegging it to Nevada and Arizona. The beer is telling us where it wants to go."

Added fellow co-founder Adam Firestone, "The beer is driving its own eastward expansion, but now we can make sure it's properly transported, chilled and accessible."

According to a press release, 805 will begin appearing across Texas during the month of January. Firestone Walker is handled by Andrews Distributing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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