Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cerveza Sin Frontera coming from Jester King/Crooked Stave/Trois Dames

Image credit: Jester King (click to enlarge).

A beer that's been well over a year in the making, Jester King has just received federal label approval for Cerveza Sin Frontera, a farmhouse ale created in a joint effort with Crooked Stave of Colorado and Brasserie Trois Dames of Switzerland.

Sin Frontera, or "borderless" as the Spanish phrase translates to English, is meant to take consumers on a journey to an abstract land called Swicolotexeradoland, which brings together features of the Texas Hill Country, the Swiss Alps and the Colorado Rockies.

According to a post on the Trois Dames website, the idea for the beer came about after representatives from the three breweries met at the 2013 edition of The Festival in Portland, Maine. The concept being to brew the same recipe, but ferment the beer at each location separately to see how it would develop under the influence of each brewery's unique yeast culture. Fermentation was to occur over the course of 6-to-12 months in 70-80 year-old sherry barrels from the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera.

The Jester King version was brewed in October 2013, with the second batch created at Crooked Stave the following April and the final one in May of 2014 at Trois Dames. As Jester King notes on a blog entry of their own after the first brew day, the collaboration was intended to be a long-term fermentation project, but it would appear the time has come to finally taste the fruits of that labor. At least based an event listing in Portland, Oregon (of all places), it would appear the beer should be out sometime in late April. Of course, this may all depend on the timeliness of TABC approval.

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