Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Share' in Lakewood's brewing bounty

Image credit:  Lakewood Brewing Company
In one of Aesop's Fables a lion goes hunting with a fox, a jackal and a wolf.  Working together, the animals down their prey, only to have the lion take all the bounty for himself.  Afterwards, the fox asks the all-important question: shouldn't those who share the labor also share the spoil?
It's a message that has particular meaning in relation to the Lakewood Brewing Company's first anniversary brew.  In coming up with the name, those at Lakewood recognized that they owe much of their success to all who have supported them as they've worked to build the brand and make the brewery a reality.  To honor that, they offer their fans the Lion's Share.
Described as a Belgian-style Double IPA, Lion's Share gets its foundation from an amped up version of the brewery staple Hop Trapp.  Initially fermented with that beer's regular yeast strain, Brettanomyces was added later in the process and the beer allowed to age for eight months in the same Bulleit Bourbon barrels used to create Bourbon Barrel Temptress. Perhaps not surprisingly, first sips of the resulting brew inspire a simple-sounding description along the lines of a bourbon barrel Brett beer.  However, the depth of this brew goes well beyond that.  With secondary nuances of caramel, dark sugars, subtle fruits, wood tones and more, Lion's Share is probably one of the most complex offerings to come out of a North Texas brewery to date.
It also might be one of the most limited.  You'll notice that the full name, Lion's Share I, contains a Roman numeral designation.  This will change, along with the beer's style, each year Lakewood celebrates a new anniversary. In other words, it's a one-off that will last only as long as the brewery maintains stock.  Though, I'd imagine a few kegs will be held back for special occasions.
Where to get your 'Share':Thursday, September 19: Special tapping at Londoner Frisco
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