Sunday, December 31, 2023

Jaquval, a new small-batch brewpub, now open in Bishop Arts

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It may be surprising to learn that the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff has never been home to a brewery. This, despite the Dallas neighborhood's long history of celebrating local beer, especially during the years it hosted the Brew Riot Homebrew Competition. Today though, thanks to the work of Jason Roberts and Amy Wallace Cowan, it's an element the neighborhood is no longer missing.

Jaquval Brewing Co. is the newest concept from Cowan Roberts, a partnership behind three other businesses operating in Bishop Arts: A.J. Vagabonds, Oddfellows and Revelers Hall. In fact, Jaquval slots into a spot directly adjacent to Oddfellows at 312 W. 7th St.

And, since the subject is bound to come up, knowing how to say the name Jaquval is just a matter of knowing what it's all about. You see, Jaquval is a play on the idea of being a jack-of-all trades kind of place. To that end, once an attached deli called Trades is up and running in about a month (thus, bringing together the Jaquval Trades vision), crews on site will bake their own bread, brew their own beer, roast their own coffee beans, smoke their own meats and more. Output will feed Jaquval, as well as its two sister businesses on the block.

The small-batch brewhouse at Jaquval is installed along the brewpub's back elevation.

Of course, beer is always the word of the day here, so it should be mentioned that brewhouse recipes are the domain of Justin Hatley, who comes to Jaquval after more than a decade at Lakewood Brewing Co. of Garland. For Jaquval, he'll produce four "Main Stays," along with an internationally-inspired slate of "Rotational" offerings.

In line with the plan, everyday beers will consist of Bishop Arts Lager, Iron Swan Porter, Rabble Rabble Coffee Stout and The 405 West Coast IPA, while the rotator menu currently teases a Honey Butter Hefeweizen, Czechmate (Czech amber lager), Bon Bière (French-style pilsner) and This Charming Ale (English best ale).

A pairing of Rabble Rabble Coffee Stout with the brewpub's Grilled Sausage Plate.

As far as the vibe at Jaquval, the look both inside and out is reminiscent of a quaint old-style tavern. Dark wood furnishings and accents intermingle with a quirky decor made up of what's best described as a little of this, a little of that, and whatever else they could find to put up on the walls. It's a pub, with proper pub food (burger, fish & chips, French dip, sausage plate), and not anything like a sports bar.

Fittingly then, amenities at Jaquval include just one television, a chess board, and a hand-operated turntable (at least for now). In other words, outside of special events, patrons visiting Jaquval for a beer and a bite should expect to fill the time with conversation and camaraderie. But hey, they say fostering a sense of community is what a pub is all about.

Jaquval has been operating on a soft basis up to now as it introduces items on its menu, but look for the spot to officially open later this week.

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